Brittany  Haik Photo

As a lifelong resident of Springfield, my family has been involved in real estate for several generations. As a Realtor I am highly motivated to ensure that my clients are vigorously and fairly represented. My ultimate goal is to guarantee that my clients receive the best deal possible, whether buying or selling. I am extremely hard working and detail oriented. I’m available to my clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week! I know that a real estate transaction can be a very complex and sometimes confusing process, my intention is to simplify and clarify so the best solution can be obtained.

   I possess a firm commitment to ethical and fair transactions. I believe all circumstances should be a win for all involved parties. I adhere to the notion that reasonable people come to reasonable solutions.

    I have three wonderful children; Madden, Carter and Charlotte. My husband,who has owned several businesses, is also an agent. We work hand in hand so that our clients are always well cared for and receive the utmost customer service.