Carter Rader Photo

My name is Carter Rader, I was born and raised the the Springfield area. I went to school at Missouri State (co-op with MO S&T) to pursue Civil Engineering. During this time I worked full time in the transportation industry learning business and communication skills to help me start my own businesses. Three years into my engineering degree I decided I wanted to pursue my dreams. I left school and opened two businesses. One as a real estate investor and another  a furniture/home decor company. What I learned through these businesses is that with the right knowledge and hard work almost anything can be done, And I plan to bring this knowledge and expertise to my clients. I work tirelessly to make sure my clients always get the service they deserve, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. As a realtor I love to help my clients buy or sell their properties and leave them with knowledge of the industry they don’t get anywhere else.